Thelma Williams’ own personal and professional story is reflected in this philosophy. Born in Austin, Texas, into a strong and supportive family, Thelma has been breaking ground for most of her life. She served from 1961 to 1967 in the United States Air Force. In the mid-70’s Thelma was one of the first women in Central Texas to enter the plumbing field. Breaking barriers is natural, not as a goal but as a result of her desire to be the best at whatever she attempts. Living as a single parent of two children, she knows the hardships of rearing a family alone.


Throughout her ten years as a family planning counselor, Thelma has encountered the problems of the welfare bureaucracy, drugs in the neighborhood, and other social injustices. She has a special love for children and young adults. Ms. Williams has developed several seminars geared toward family, love and commitment in relationships, cultural unity, and many more subjects that affect positive spiritual growth in the family and communities. Thelma Williams has been featured in the Austin American-Statesman, Interim Insight, Tribune-Herald and various other periodicals. Her speaking venues range from school, churches and public forums. She is an active member of the St. John community and encourages youth to persevere with her positive and motivational influence. Ms. Williams is currently a member of the John H. Reagan High School PTSA.

Grandma Wisdom looking Back from 7 to 74

Thelma's Grandma Wisdom believes that building self-esteem and self-worth, by breaking the pattern that that has developed and held its ground for decades. This can be done by teaching and encouraging positive changes and alternative solutions to lead toward more positive and successful outcomes.  

The resources and confidence to succeed is a necessary factor that affects everyone. It only takes one to start a ripple that can change many lives. Family is defined as “a social unit that lives together”. Attempting to rebuild these family units means that there has to be a belief that the unit can exist and an understanding that everyone in the family must contribute in positive and encouraging way to ensure stability.

Thelma's Grandma Wisdom mission is to heal the family unit from the inside out, beginning with identifying the missing core and very significant element which has been lost will encourage success with honor within our society. The broken spirit of fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, uncles, aunt, and grandparents, that are entangled in the struggles of life searching for the glimmer of hope that one day things will be different in their life and they can make a difference. Supplying resources to ensure a greater and more productive path to lead to life success and strengthens the family bond, and the ability to create a significant family legacy.